Kids Win at Musical Scores

Here’s something we don’t acknowledge enough: kids work really hard.

They juggle multiple classes, try to stand out in their extracurricular activities and make a few friends along the way. It can absolutely be a lot. So when stellar kids succeed, when they set a goal and work hard to accomplish it, we think they deserve to be recognized.

And that’s what Musical Scores is all about.

The Pavilion invites Middle and High School kids from all over the Houston Area for a no-strings attached, all fun, all free field trip, and kids love every second of it. From the minute they step off the bus to spot our iconic tent rising tall above the trees, they know it’s going to be a very different kind of field trip.

In fact, preparations started the day before when our official volunteer group, The Pavilion Partners, packed over 4000 lunches for these Rockstar students.

As kids unloaded buses and came through the gates, they were met by over 100 volunteers from Alight – cheering, passing out lunches and drinks, and encouraging kids for the incredible things they’ve accomplished this year. Seeing smiles creep onto kids faces while being showered with well-deserved praise is one of the best perks of working at The Pavilion. We hope you get to see it some day, too.

Kids kept filing in to the seats under our tent all morning, ooing and aahing as they realized that the likes of Post Malone, Chance the Rapper and Taylor Swift had all played on the stage right in front of them. They laughed as they shouted out the answers to trivia questions about violins and beatboxing – a hint at some of the things to come.

We also delighted in celebrating an even more prestigious group – an exceptional student from each school was invited to take The Pavilion’s Main Stage, receive a gift card prize and be recognized in front of almost 4000 of their peers.

Of course, no Pavilion visit would be complete without an epic show crafted specifically for those in attendance. This year’s performance featured Infinitus – a beat-boxing string trio with a penchant for creating music that’s perfectly relevant to Middle School and High School students. They’re the perfect blend of old school style (they don’t use electronics at all to enhance their instruments) and modern energy (they were able to play the song of the moment, Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil’ NAS X’s “Old Town Road” at the request of one very excited student).

The kids absolutely loved them.

It wasn’t just the relevant tunes, though. Infinitus did an incredible job of engaging the students, giving them beats to keep up with, songs hidden inside songs, and plenty of time for questions, answers and song requests. They even brought up a student conductor to help them close out the show! (We’re thinking she might have a future in conducting…)

Our favorite moments, though, were when Infinitus teamed up with 4000 hard-working students to create something beautiful together. It happened when Infinitus invited kids to fill in the beat on their “Anthem”, again when kids sang along with every word to “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and finally with this incredible scene:

We love Musical Scores because it gives us a chance to celebrate the astounding things kids accomplish every day. Quite simply, they’ve earned it.

Want to learn more about our Arts Education programs? Head here.

Until then, we can't wait to see you on the lawn.

- Scott Shaver | Social Media & Digital Marketing Coordinator

P.S. Want to get even more involved at The Pavilion? Head here.

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