SESSANTA: Primus, Puscifer, A Perfect Circle

A 60th Birthday Celebration for Maynard James Keenan

Gates at 6:30 PM
Show at 08:00 PM

For Text Updates: Text Sessanta24 to (877) 350-1693.

Pit Price: $134.50

Reserved Prices: $134.50-$54.50

Lawn Price: $39.50

Premium seats (Aisle seats) increase prices by $10-$20.

Please Note: Due to the The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival on Saturday, access to The Pavilion via the Waterway will not be available until after 5pm on the day of the show.

Note From The Tour: This show has a strict NO CAMERA POLICY, which includes cell phones. The tour respectfully requests that you please watch and listen to the show, not your cell phone. Please follow this policy to avoid being ejected from the venue. Guests who are ejected will not be allowed to re-enter the venue. In the event of a personal emergency, phone use may occur in the plazas away from the performance.

Poster tubes will be allowed but must undergo a security inspection before granted entry.

There is a STRICT bag size requirement for this show. All bags and purses (unless clear) must be smaller than 4.5" x 6.5". Clear bags must be smaller than 12" x 12".

Before you go...

Before you go...

Know the Clear Bag Policy

Before you go...

Before you go...

Download your tickets to the Ticketmaster app on your phone

Before you go...

Before you go...

Know where to park and arrive early

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