Want to apply for a Pavilion Fine Arts Scholarship? Take Note...

  1. Check out requirements here.
  2. Ready to apply? Definitely don't wait until the last minute. Start early!
  3. Identify who will provide your 2 Rec Letters and know how to request a transcript.
    • Deadlines count! Make sure everyone knows the deadline, and plan on following up as the deadline approaches.
  4. Once you're ready, Apply Here!
    • Put in effort! Answer clearly and help us really get to know you.
    • Fill out the application carefully and completely!
    • Put your most important achievements and activities first!
    • Proofread! Use good grammar and style, and save to your computer.
  5. Audition! Prepare and upload your videos and media files to your Acceptd application.
    • Strictly follow audition requirements for your discipline.
    • Dress professionally for your videos!
  6. Don't Forget...There will be no exceptions to the deadline or requirements!
  7. Monitor the status of your application on Acceptd to ensure Rec Letters are received.
  8. Scholarship Awards will be announced in April!
Download PDF Version of Tips