The Pavilion's Virtual Scout Day

The Pavilion's Virtual Scout Day Program is designed to provide a FREE opportunity for Scouts BSA to earn their Music Merit Badge from the safety of their own home.

The Pavilion is excited to continue its Virtual Scout Day Program this season as a way for Scouts BSA to achieve their Music Merit Badge. The program will be offered via Google Classroom where Scouts will can meet badge requirements through fun and interactive activities.

Once Scouts have finished their assigned tasks, instructors will confirm via email with the Scout and their parent/guardian that the requirements were completed. Blue cards will be provided digitally to the Scout only after the merit badge counselor has verified that the individual Scout has completed all listed requirements for the Music Merit Badge. 

Please Note: There is no set date for the Virtual Scout Day Program. Scouts may register at any time and the classroom will remain open as needed for Scouts to complete the requirements. 


Additional Notes (Please Review)

  1. Scouts will need a personal gmail account (non-school based) to submit assignments via Google Classroom. Each Scout must register separately so that we can track individual progress. If you have multiple Scouts you are registering within a family or unit, they cannot use the same e-mail address as their needs to be one e-mail address per Scout for the classroom invitation and access.
  2. The Pavilion's Virtual Scout Day Program is open to any Scout from any council that is currently participating in a BSA Scouts program.
  3. Scouts must provide their BSA member ID during the registration process. This number is critical to identifying the Scouts in Scoutbook to ensure the Scout gets credit for requirements completed.
  4. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate music badges for scouts from other organizations or BSA levels this year. This program is available for Scouts BSA wanting to obtain a Music Merit Badge. Please check back next season for information relating to Scout Day at The Pavilion.
  5. We strongly encourage and recommend that any scout participating in this program receive verbal permission from their parents/guardians and unit leader prior to starting.
  6. The Virtual Scout Day Program will follow Scouting’s Youth Protection policies. It may be helpful to make sure you are familiar with these policies and the BSA’s Online and Social Media Guidelines.
  7. The Google Classroom link will remain accessible for several months for those Scouts wanting to meet outside requirements that pertain to this particular badge.
  8. For questions or issues, please email Ashley Gravois at [email protected] or Jen Thomas (Merit Badge Counselor) at [email protected].

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