Even after 25 seasons, most people still do not know that part of The Pavilion’s mission is to provide educational outreach programs about the performing arts to students in the greater Houston area. Every year, The Pavilion touches the lives of approximately 40,000 students and their families through a variety of educational outreach programs.

One of the newest education programs is Chamberfest, a week-long chamber music camp taking place June 9-12 at The Pavilion. The event was started by a Pavilion Partner Fine Arts Scholarship recipient, Marie Daniels, last year and is now part of The Pavilion’s educational programs. Daniels is currently pursuing a Master of Music at The Julliard School.

"As much as I love chamber music now, I recall that in my first couple of years of seriously studying my instrument, I did not get to play much chamber music,” Daniels said. “The idea of Chamberfest is to introduce young instrumentalists to the experience of rehearsing and performing in a small ensemble, while enhancing their individual technique and musicality."

Chamberfest is open to students in grades 7th to 12th and for violin, viola, cello and bass. It entails four days of rehearsals and coaching and one 45-minute individual lesson for each student. At the weeks’ end there is a Festival Finale on The Pavilion’s main stage. Students also have daily workshops on topics such as public speaking, improvisation, music history and communication through music.

Students interested in participating must fill out an application by March 25 by visiting www.thewoodlandchamberfest.com. There is a $220 tuition fee. Auditions are take place April 4 and 5 at The Pavilion.

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