Renewal Scholarship General Information and Eligibility Requirements 2019-2020
Previous scholarship recipients are eligible to apply for $1000 renewal scholarships if all of the following requirements are met:

  • Applicant continues to major in a fine arts discipline consistent with what was initially awarded
  • Applicant has not used up years of eligibility
  • Applicant remains a student in good standing, and
  • Applicant has not finished their undergratuate degree

Applications are evaluated on current academic performance, letters of recommendation, progress towards degree and a personal essay. No auditions or presentations are required. Applicants that are deemed qualified by the Pavilion Partners Scholarship Committee will be awarded a renewal scholarship, as funds are available.

1. All applicants will be notified of award decisions by mid April by email to you and your parent or guardian.
2. All scholarship monies will be paid directly to the college or university in which the recipient enrolls.
3. Scholarship recipients may be invited to perform at a Partners meeting or fundraising event.
4. All applications must be submitted online by midnight March 1, 2020. Only completed applications will be considered (all recommendations and official transcripts must be submitted per the instructions on the application.) Applications received after the March 1 deadline are immediately disqualified and excluded from further consideration.
5. The application is confidential, for exclusive use of the scholarship committee.
6. The Pavilion Partners has the right to refuse and/or retract any application or award during the judging, awarding or post-awarding process. Refusal/retractions can be based on, but are not limited to, non-factual or incorrect information provided in the application or failure to meet any of the requirements.

For additional information, contact The Pavilion Partners Scholarships Committee at 281-210-1125 or [email protected].

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