Performing Arts Scholarships

Each year The Pavilion Partners raises funds to provide area students with fine arts scholarships. Since beginning this program, over $1 million in fine arts scholarships has been awarded.

The Pavilion Partners Fine Arts Scholarships are awarded to high school seniors who are majoring in a fine arts program at the college or university of their choice.

To many students, these scholarships are vital to accomplishing a degree in a fine arts discipline. Through the fundraising efforts of The Pavilion Partners, students are enabled to pursue their passion at the college level and beyond. These scholarships range, as funds are available, from $2,500 to over $7,500.

Apply for a Scholarship

The Pavilion Partners Fine arts Scholarships are awarded annually to students based on talent and academic performance. Scholarships are given to students in the following categories: dance, instrumental music, musical theatre, theatre arts, visual art and vocal music.

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Donate a Scholarship

Donations to The Pavilion Prtners Fine Arts Scholarship fund enable students to pursue their passion and encourage a life-long love of The Arts.

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Renew a Scholarship

Scholarships are also available for recent recipients of a Pavilion Partners Fine Arts Scholarship. Renewal Scholarship awards of $1000 are open to recent recipients of the Pavilion Partners Fine Arts Scholarships. Applicants must be majoring in the Fine Arts and in a field of study consistent with the discipline in which they initially auditioned.

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