Show Recap: John Mayer

John Mayer welcomes us into his "fog of funk."

After a dynamic and creative set from The Night Game, an up-and-coming Indie Rock band, the Sunday crowd laid back on the lawn and just enjoyed being together. We think concerts are best with friends and it seemed like everyone at the show on Sunday agreed.

Soon enough, John Mayer and his (outrageously talented) band took the stage to deafening applause. He organized his show into a few chapters - each with a distinct style and feel and each with their own set of surprises - and then let the crowd know that they were all part of the same "fog of funk."

It became immediately apparent that Mayer is at his most comfortable on stage. He talked to the crowd like they were his best friends and he played his guitar without a single care in the world. His guitar solos were insane. We can't get over his mastery of the instrument; The Pavilion crowd couldn't either.

After the first chapter featured his full band, Mayer brought the volume (but not the energy or impressiveness) down for an acoustic set. He covered Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'" and hilariously introduced "Your Body is a Wonderland" by letting the audience know that he's still not sure what he was thinking when he wrote it. The crowd swayed and sang with every song.

Chapter Three featured the John Mayer Trio, a rocking ensemble with Mayer at the head. They rocked and rolled through a few songs before the full band returned to the stage.

The whole night, we couldn't help but feel that Mayer was just happy everyone was there together and enjoying the show. He thanked the audience numerous times, telling them that if he could stay for hours on end and play every song they'd ever wished for, he would.

Mayer played some of his newer material and became hilariously self-referential - acknowledging that he has a "weird catalogue" of songs and telling the crowd, "if you need to go the bathroom, this would be a good song." We didn't see many people leave thier seats. It didn't matter what Mayer was playing. We didn't want to miss a thing.

Mayer and his band finally brought the night to an end with two of his biggest hits: "Waiting on the World to Change" and "Gravity." The guitar solos flew freely during that last chapter and the audience's cheers were loud and excited. It was a special night at The Pavilion - one we've relived over and over in our heads since.

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