Show Recap: Deep Purple and Alice Cooper

Classic Rock at The Pavilion has never sounded so good.

Edgar Winter Group

Edgar Winter is a rocker, through and through and his band - made up of young, talented musicians - helped him rock even harder. One of the many highlights of his set featured Winter riffing vocally, and his guitarist following along perfectly with every note. Winter featured his still dominant vocal range and his guitarist's chops were just as impressive.

A few minutes later, Winter broke out his iconic synth - excitedly boasting that he helped create the handheld synth - and proved why he's one of the greats.

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper's show started the way it always has - with a creepy intro that let the audience know there would be no escape from this "Night with Alice Cooper." Fortunately, the crowd was pretty excited that there would be "no escape" and Cooper went on to prove why.

Alongside a trio of wildly impressive guitarists, his longtime bassist and a bevy of intricate (and terrifying) theatrical set-pieces, Cooper put on the show of a lifetime. His charisma and horrifying charm can't be understated. His show was haunting, both in the ridiculous things that happened on-stage and the impressive music being expelled from it.

Cooper's lead guitarist Nita Strauss stole the show on several occasions, leading the crowd into a guitar-induced uproar. Cooper closed his set with an awe-inducing rendition of "School's Out" - and we were sad to be set free from Alice Cooper's grip.

Deep Purple

Deep Purple followed Cooper's set and proved why so many still love their music. They're icons of rock, committed to the music and fans that have made them great for so many years.

Their style flares from the hard classic rock so many have come to love to intricate, spacey numbers like "Highway Star" and "Space Truckin'". Our favorite song, as cliche as it might be, was guitar-beginner classic "Smoke on the Water". It's no wonder guitarists across the world have learned those iconic notes first - they're entrancing.

We loved this show and if you were there on Friday night, we bet you did too.

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