2017-11-12 07:55 PM

A Magical, Educational Playground

For the 22nd Annual Children's Festival The Pavilion transformed. Every inch of this place (and then a little bit more) was magical - and in more ways than just musically. It was kid-heaven.

2017-10-13 10:55 PM

One Spooktastic Family Outing

We love Hocus Pocus Pops because it gives families and friends a chance to come together under the banner of The Arts and make memories they won't forget.

2017-01-25 09:35 AM

A Bird's Eye View

While our Main Stage has been a little quiet since November, things are definitely a buzz around The Pavilion during our off-season.

2013-09-13 09:35 AM

Overcoming Ike

How do you overcome a hurricane? With resilience, innovation and an ear open to the music ahead.

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