Congratulations to Partners Board of Directors


welcomes Ron Brandt, Deborah Butler, Debra Dozier, Bob Horton and

Chrystal Tamillo, the newly elected Board members for 2016-2017. Congratulations go to P

artners continuing Board members and

to the new officers for 2016:  Sarah Epley – President,  Janene Hemmen –

Vice-President,   Linda Eissler – Treasurer and Kathryn Painter –


From the Desk of Your Partners’ President:

With so many volunteer opportunities ahead in this 2016 season, I would like to start our season by saying, THANK YOU. Thank you for your new or renewed commitment in making the P artners and the Pavilion one of the most enjoyable non-profit organizations to be involved with in The Woodlands. I look forward to the opportunity to meet and volunteer alongside each of you as we start this amazing season together.

-Sarah Epley

18th Annual Wine Dinner

Congratulations to the Wine Dinner Chairs, committee and volunteers on an amazing event last Sunday. The 18th Annual Wine Dinner was a huge success!  As far as funds that were raised, we are estimating between $175,000 and $185,000. Since its inception the Dinner has raised more than a million dollars towards the scholarship program! 

The appreciation for all the hard work goes to Wine Dinner co-chairs Randy Lowry and Lisa Koetting, committee members Chardelle Adelson, Judith Bartok, Joy Borneman, Cyndi and Ronald Brandt, Beth Butler, Sylvia Caracio, Annabelle Carrillo, Carla Fay, Mar Lou Fitch, Janene Hemmen, Dick and Judy Jones, Shelli Moran, Kathryn Painter, Lis Regan, Chrystal Tamillo and Clay Tarro. Volunteers Chris Carrillo, Sean Connelly, Deborah Butler, Patsy and Namen Chambliss, Simone Chang, Debra and Matt Dozier, Tina Dunne, Dalinda Judy, Cindy Kirk, Myron Murphy, Brien O’Donal, Rhonda Richardson, Nancy and Steve Sandstrum, Sharon Schilling, Ben Thomas, Connie Wagner, and Jamie Youngblood.

View press coverage of the event HERE.

Social Committee: 

Please join the Pavilion Partners for a truly unique experience at B52 Brewery Co. on Saturday, April 2nd from 12-5pm in Conroe. 

Most of us are familiar with many local restaurants and bars in The Woodlands serving B52 beer, but this month you can experience where all the brewery magic takes place. The B52 Brewery will have cold, top-rated craft beer on tap to sample, live music, outdoor games, a few different food trucks and if you thought it really can’t be much better, they will be hosting “Feast of Artisans Farmers Market” on the day we are visiting. 

The social committee will be there a bit early to secure a spot, so look for a Pavilion T-shirt or a friendly face when you arrive. The brewery does have a few picnic tables, but we recommend bringing a lawn chair just to make sure you can carve out your own spot of heaven.

Go to Pavilion Partners Facebook Page to see more photos, remember to “Like” Us on Facebook!

New Members Performing Arts Training – Wednesday April 6 

New Partners may choose to attend at 6:00 p.m, please RSVP to [email protected].  Session lasts approximately an hour and a half. This is a great way to find out more about The Pavilion’s missions and the volunteer program.  A mini-tour of The Pavilion will be included. Please invite anyone who is considering joining Partners to attend and explore volunteering here at The Pavilion!

Badge/Shirt Pick Up Day

Thursday April 7 from 3-6pm for new and returning partners.  New Partners will also receive their shirts.  Returning members are to return their 2015 badge or pay $5 for a lost badge.


Membership payments are due annually by March 1st, if you have not paid this year’s dues please sign up today!  Mail a check or visit us online to make your payment today.  For complete membership information go to

Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival

April 8-10, 2016 Save the Date! As a charity partner, The Pavilion is required to enlist volunteers in order to qualify for a donation from a portion of the festival proceeds.  More information on how to sign up go to and remember to select The Pavilion as the “charity partner” to you may receive credit and help raise funds for educational outreach programs at The Pavilion.

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