Safety at The Pavilion
The Pavilion strives to create an environment in which our guests are safe, informed and can always enjoy the show.

COVID-19 Safety

Across the board, our top priority is your safety. Here's what we're doing to ensure that your next concert experience is as safe as possible:

  • We are continuing our foundational partnerships with community partners, leaders and health organizations as we plan for a return to concert-going.
  • We are reducing our seating capacity to maintain social distancing.
  • We are instituting color-coded entrances that will allow guests to reach their seat with less physical interaction.
  • We are asking guests to maintain social distancing practices, and providing instructional signage, including floor stickers, to promote these practices in all areas of the venue. Expect to see and follow the helpful signage in parking areas, restrooms, concessions and merch booths, and while waiting in line for entry.
  • Before passing through security, we are asking guests to sanitize their hands at provided sanitation stations.
  • We are requiring our staff and vendors to wear proper face coverings. While guests will not be required to wear face coverings, we do highly encourage this effective safety practice.
  • We are requiring our staff to stay home if they have respiratory illness consistent with COVID-19, have tested positive for COVID-19, are awaiting results from a COVID-19 test or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive or is presumptive positive for COVID-19. We are asking our guests to follow these same guidelines.
  • We are encouraging guests to maintain 6 feet social distance from those outside your immediate household, including while in line to enter The Pavilion, at concessions or the restroom, in the seating area, when exiting, etc.,
  • We are encouraging guests to utilize handwashing stations and hand sanitizer within each plaza as necessary.
  • We are only allowing clear, NFL-approved bags to ease the entry process.
  • Public water fountains will be turned off, with only water bottle fillers available. With this in mind, guests are permitted to bring in (1) factory-sealed water bottle per person.
  • We have installed plexiglass barriers at all concessions stands to limit close interactions, and are taking steps to reduce touch required with food and drink service.
  • Restrooms, where practicable, will be equipped with touchless, flushing, hand sinks, soap dispensers and hand towels, and will operate with reduced capacity.
  • We will primarily accept debit and credit cards for all onsite purchases to reduce physical interaction.
  • We are stocking extra supplies like tissues, paper towels and hand sanitizer for our guests to use.
  • We are instituting even more rigorous cleaning processes to disinfect highly used areas, and will continue to disinfect and clean throughout the night of any event.
  • We have designated a special area for any staff or guests who become sick, and have coordinated with local hospitals to create a plan for treating them quickly.
  • We have a plan put in place in the event of a COVID-19 related emergency, and will communicate directly with attendees to provide next best steps in an efficient and effective manner.


All Pavilion events are rain or shine. The Pavilion will always monitor weather conditions to help keep you safe, but we expect shows to proceed as scheduled except in cases of extreme weather. Note that weather in Texas can change quickly. Please stay aware - we encourage guests to come prepared for potential weather changes.

When severe weather conditions occur within The Pavilion's safety boundary, we may choose to delay a show, adjust start times or opening acts, or on rare occasion, cancel or postpone the event. It is possible that a delay of an hour or more takes place before a cancellation decision is made. Safety is our primary goal, but if we can safely proceed with the event, we will always strive for it to continue. We will communicate updates during delays on this page, from The Pavilion's stage, on screens around The Pavilion, via social media and through our staff.

Should severe weather conditions occur, please be aware of our shelter-in-place locations throughout The Pavilion. All locations are noted on the map below - note especially the large areas under The Pavilion tent and in The Pavilion Lounge, off of the North Plaza. For additional updates, check your show's Event Page for your events Text Update code.

Shelter in Place


Bag Policy: All bags must be smaller than 8.5"x11" or be clear and NFL-approved. All bags will be searched and our policy is 100% enforced to ensure your safety. We recommend leaving your bag at home and breezing through the gates with one of our No Bag Lanes. The Pavilion also employs magnetometers and uniformed law-enforcement officers for your safety.

Please stay alert and remember, if you see something suspicious, tell one of our green or red-shirted staff members, or a member of our uniformed law-enforcement.

Medical Emergencies

We have a professional medical team on-site to help you with medical emergencies or issues as they arise. If you or someone around you needs assistance, look for green or red-shirted staff members, or a member of our uniformed law-enforcement who can help connect you with our medical team. Our medical team is here to help!

Useful Tips

Look out for those around you. If you see someone that looks like they need help, check in with them or talk with a green or red-shirted staff member, or a member of our uniformed law-enforcement. Please bring unacceptable behavior (harassment, unruliness, disrespectfulness) to the attention of our staff.

Be respectful of those around you. Concerts are loud, high-energy spaces full of people. Our goal is to help everyone enjoy the show - we'd love it if you made it your goal too!

Stay hydrated. Use the free, filtered water distribution stations around The Pavilion to stay hydrated - Texas summers can really take it out of you!

For additional information or questions, email [email protected].

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