News for February 2013

Thanks to all our volunteers for offering their time and talent to promote The Pavilion Partners mission of “Bringing People and the Arts Together.”

Partner Michelle Bridges shares a special story about her son coming home from Afghanistan and surprising his son at school. Click here to the read the story.

Annual Meeting – Feb. 22 from 6-8 pm in the Woodforest Bank Club at The Pavilion. The evening begins with a social hour followed by the business meeting. This is a great way to meet and greet fellow Partners. Come hear the latest updates on the new 2013 season. The Annual meeting is a great time to bring your friends who are interested in finding out more about Partners! There are opportunities to sign up for the educational outreach events, wine dinner and a variety of committees. See you there!


From the Desk of Your Partners’ President:
By nature, I’m a skeptical, glass-half-full wet blanket old sour-puss, so the entire idea of expressing daily gratitude, let alone writing in a gratitude journal, was foreign to me. A friend gave me a handmade leather journal when I started college and talked me into the habit of  keeping a journal of blessings. Through the years I have gone through many sheets of paper; and the old leather binder is still with me today.

But before I get to the exact gratitude plan, I want to share the two best times that I’ve have found best for personal reflection. The first is early in the morning with that morning cup of coffee, a quiet household and clear head. The second best time is at the end of the day, and it works well for those of us who like to end a hectic day with a look back on what has been accomplished and what challenges lie ahead.

Of course, there’s nothing to say you can’t do your gratitude journaling at any time during your day. It’s a simple exercise that will benefit you beyond measure. The pages of my well-worn leather notebook are filled with my doodles, drawings, ideas, notes and prayers that have filled in the space beside each of these notations. Let me explain what each of these are.

• G – Gratitude: Simply, what do I have to be grateful for today?
• O – Opportunity: What opportunities am I looking forward to?
• D – Did I do something recently that gave me a sense of accomplishment?

As you can see, it’s not a tremendously difficult exercise. Some days I find it tough to identify three things worthy of making the list, but the purpose is to remind yourself of the everyday milestones that you have made. The gratitude list allows you little celebrations, and a reminder to feel good about the progress you’ve made. In addition, I know you’ll find it highly insightful when you reflect on what you write down each day.  It’s an excellent exercise for identifying what is really important in life.

What you are grateful will be much different than mine. It could be gratitude for your children, for the health that you’ve regained after the sickness, for your Faith, for the fact that your parents are still healthy, that you still have a decent job, or the time that you have volunteered to help out others. If you are like me, you’ll also find, that items like money, designer clothes, exotic trips, and material things will rarely  make your list. Knowing what you want and identifying what really matters to you, these are the basics of identifying what you need to do to really be happy in life.

Understanding and accepting who you are and what is important to you will guide you to make the right decisions for your life and keep you out of a lot of miserable situations, all while giving you peace and clarity amidst chaos all around you.  Hopefully you can see how powerful this simple exercise can be for your life.  Try it, and let me know how it works for you the next time I see you.


New Members Performing Arts Training – Thu., Feb. 28. There are two informational meetings for new Partners interested in being a Performing Arts Event Volunteer. Volunteers may choose to attend at 1 or 6 p.m. session. Each session lasts approximately an hour and a half. This is a great way to find out more about our volunteer program. A mini-tour of The Pavilion will be included. If you plan to attend or would like more information, please contact Leslie Williams at 281-210-1125 or [email protected].

Interfaith of The Woodlands will recognize the 2013 Service of Excellence Recipients in Education, Health, Fine Arts, Seniors and Youth at the Five Who Share Luncheon  held on March 1. One of the honorees is our very own Partner Keith Ferry!  Please join us in honoring Keith by attending the luncheon on March 1 at the Woodlands Waterway Marriott. To make a reservation or for additional information please contact Lisa Baeckel at 832-615-8230.

Membership - Due by March 1, 2013. Sign up today! Please visit us online here for complete membership info.

March 16 – Open House. If you are interested in volunteering at contemporary concerts, this is a mandatory training day. Please contact Leslie 281-210-1125 or [email protected]. There is more information to come, so stay tuned.

15th Annual Wine Dinner -  The Pavilion Partners 15th Annual Wine Dinner is Sun., March 24 on the main stage of The Pavilion. Come enjoy hors d’oeuvres, dinner and premier wines while offering your support for Partners Fine Arts Scholarship program and The Pavilion’s educational outreach programs. It’s time to make your reservation by contacting Leslie Williams [email protected].  The ticket price is $200 per person and tables may be reserved to seat eight guests. Seating is limited. Auction items are needed for this event. If you have access to sports tickets or memorabilia, condos for skiing, fishing or the beach, special golf packages, boat trips, spa packages, etc. please contact committee co-chairman, Randy Lowry, at [email protected]. Donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.  

Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival – April 13 & 14, 2013. Save the Date!  As a charity partner, Partners is required to enlist volunteers in order to qualify for a donation from a portion of the festival proceeds. More information on how to volunteer and select Partners as the “charity partner" is coming soon. Last year Partners donated more than 950 hours!! 

2013 Woman of Distinction Luncheon - Each year, the Montgomery County Women’s Council of Organizations (MCWCO) comes together for the Women of Distinction Luncheon to celebrate all the many accomplishments provided by volunteers to local charitable organizations performed during the year. This year’s Pavilion Partners Woman of Distinction award goes to Cindy Notarainni. Cindy has been involved with Partners for many years. She was involved all the way back to before Partners existed and the organization was called the “Living Arts Council.” Through the years, Cindy volunteers both her time and generous financial contributions to projects that benefit The Pavilion. Currently she serves on the Partners Board as secretary and is very involved with Children’s Festival. Please join us in honoring Cindy by attending the 2013 Women of Distinction luncheon on May 24 at the Woodlands Waterway Marriott.

This year’s presentation will be highlighted by special guest entertainer Suzie Humphreys. Suzie is a comedienne, author, television talk show hostess and motivational speaker extraordinaire. She’s done lots of television and film work over the past 40 years, and weaves many of her experiences into funny, life changing stories. She also is a cancer survivor and delivers a message of hope and conviction for those “climbing u p the rough side of the mountain.” Tickets are only $50. If you would like to come out and cheer Cindy on, have a wonderful lunch with friends and leave the auditorium laughing, then contact Leslie at [email protected] for reservations. We would like to fill up as many tables as we can to show our support.

The Pavilion Buzz - Sign up to receive The Pavilion Buzz, your link to the nerve center of The Center for the Performing Arts at The Woodlands, home of The Pavilion! This periodical source of information will give you insight about “hot” topics and events at The Pavilion.  To join, visit

Again, thank you for your loyalty and dedication to The Pavilion. Partners looks forward to your continued support in 2013.


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